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Levi Manis Shirtless


Levi Manis started doing comedy when he was 21 in Tempe, Arizona. After 6 months, he moved back home to Seattle, to be back in his natural habitat of dark clouds and depression. Since then, he's featured at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, the Devil Cup Competition in New York City, Mutiny Radio Festival in San Francisco, Milwaukee Comedy Festival, and the Sacramento Comedy Festival. You can catch Levi frequently on shows and clubs throughout the Northwest, making people laugh and/or cringe with his deadpan demeanor.


Outside of stand up, Levi also hosts a couple of podcasts. One is based on unsolved murders called Who Done It? where he, Mike Masilotti and other guests discuss unsolved murders, while trying to find room to make jokes. He also has a podcast called the Manis Music Minute, where he plays a short clip of song that he's been listening to for the past week.

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